Veni Vidi Amavi
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Veni Vidi Amavi
Blair: “Did you get fired?”

Epperly: “No, ofcourse not. The party was a huge succes.”

Blair: “Are you having a psychotic break?”……..”You’re leaving the magazine for Eat, Pray, Love?”

Epperly: “I suggested that you be promoted to replace me. Congratulations Stefano is giving you a trial run starting now. *hands Blair a bunch of phones* This is the office, international and Stefan only. Now your day begins every morning with a Milan conference call.”

Blair: No, no I am a fulltime student. I go to Columbia.

Epperly: “If James Franco can do it, so can you. Blair you wanted it, well you just got it!”
Ben: “What about your family? What if us being together drives them all away?”

Serena: “I don’t think it will, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take of you are.”
Damien: “Archibald, Humphrey. What are you guys doing here?”

Dan: “Well we came looking for Eric.”

Nate: “We ran into your dad instead. He’s a nice guy. I mean, at least he was to us. How he is to you after what we told him, might be a different story.”

Damien: “Wait! You guys realize what you’ve done? My dad’s gonna cut me off!”
Blair: “You and I bonded over a mutual love of scheming. And Burlesque. Find something that you and Reyna both share. Let your guard down. Show her a side of you that no one else sees. I hear girl love that.”

Chuck: “Open up and she will be forced to follow suit.”

Blair: “And once you hook her, reel her in, get her emotionally and throw her carcass overboard.”

Chuck: “You really do have a gift.”
Blair: “Maybe al I have to do to get Epperly off my back is to get her on hers….”

Intern: “Last time I checked the intern packed, I don’t think “Pimp Daddy” was includes in the description of duties.”

Blair: “Well it just so happens that Epperley’s perfect partner also owns the perfect hotel to host tonight’s kick-off party. Ah, two birds, one bass.”
I’m sorry Dan, Serena chooses not for you but for Ben this time….